A Chinese student asked me recently what my first impression of China was. I paused for a long moment as I ruled out the inappropriate responses that were my first impressions: “It’s hot, it’s smelly, the food is greasy, the men aren’t wearing shirts, the buildings are drab….” and finally settled on: “The countryside is very beautiful.”

Today, my impression was that I am a giant in China. I went shopping for a coat, because it has cooled down and will only get colder. The first challenge was finding a coat that I liked, but an even greater challenge was finding one that fit. Finally I settled for a bright green puffy jacket that is size XXL!

We have three weeks left in Jingdezhen, followed by a little over a week of traveling, so it is crunch time in the studio. Last week, Mr. Jin, a coil builder, worked in the studio. He has been coil building pots for over 40 years and his skill is amazing. This was especially obvious when we tried our hand at coil building!


One Response to Impressions

  1. jason dunn says:

    Really? XXL for you? Even in China that’s hard to believe.

    Try being 6′ 3″, 200lbs with the arms of an orangutan and have to go shopping for “professional” clothes in Taiwan. When I finally found pants that seemed to be my size the legs would be so tight I couldn’t walk! I told you the story where the tailer started laughing after he put his tape to my arm span, right?

    This may be the only time you will be an XXL in your life, enjoy it for what it’s worth. I wonder what Nick Swartz would wear there?


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