We left Jingdezhen on December 6, and headed to Xi’an via a bus and then plane. It was a rather hectic and tearful departure from JCI; I’ll fill in some of those holes soon, along with photos of my work. We were in Xi’an for four days and did a lot of sight seeing, including the Terracotta Warriors, Han Tombs, Chenlu (an old pottery village), Xi’an Provincial Museum, Big Goose Pagoda (an historic Buddhist sight), the Forest of Steles (old stone tablets). As well, there was Starbucks (I admit it was great), the International Youth Hostel, which featured silverware, and more foreigners and English speakers than I knew what do to do with. Xi’an is the ancient capital of China, and the start of the Silk Road. Our hotel was near the Muslim street market, which featured some delicious food, dried fruit and nuts, and a lot of silk or silk-like products. I seem to have taken over 1,000 photos in Xi’an alone; here are a few favorites.

Dates – I love these baskets.

From the Han Tombs.

These are from the Terracotta Warriors Museum – they were in the ‘Acrobat Pit’. The scale of the Terracotta Warriors is completely astounding – both as individual objects and as an entity. In fact, the true scale is currently unknown as many of them are still underground.

The museum in Xi’an had an outstanding collection of ceramics; this is my favorite piece.


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