Last Stop: Beijing

The final three days of our trip were spent in Beijing. As we also took a day trip to the Great Wall, it was altogether too short of a time to se much in Beijing, especially since Day 1 was partially spent in recovery from the overnight train ride from Xi’an. Still, I managed to see the Imperial Palace (aka Forbidden City), and the 798 District, which is an enormous area of galleries, museums and shops.

The Forbidden City was much larger than I had ever imagined it to be. I particularly enjoyed seeing all the glazed tiles which comprise many of the roofs and walls in the city.

Around sunset, they started to really look like gold.

The Great Wall was a great excursion. The part that we reached first had been restored fairly recently. However, about half a mile, and many, many stairs to the west, I reached an unrestored portion.

Beijing also meant repacking bags, confirming flights, last meals of Chinese food, and trying to comprehend what it would be like to return to the United States. Certainly the first few days felt very odd, but I think I am readjusting pretty well.

I still have a number of photographs that I would like to post here. In the near future you can anticipate the following categories: storefronts, food, favorite street scenes, construction/workers and a portfolio of my work from the fall.

This is my last dinner in China: noodles, eggplant, greens, chicken.


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